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Driver Education FAQs

General Information

How much does the course cost?

Driver Education at Five Star costs $375.  You can pay on-line after registering for a class or mail a check to the Center. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards in the office.

 Five Star will always MATCH any local competitor's tuition price (not valid with other discounts)

Which course do you think the students get the most out of?

That's really a matter of personal preference for the student/family involved. Our classroom experience is excellent and allows students to complete the full course in less than one month. Instruction takes place M-Th in the evening during the school year. We offer morning and afternoon sessions during summer months. For some busy students, the online course provides more flexibility, so it may be the better choice.  Online students must complete 30 units and will be required to log in 30 different days to do so. When choosing the online option, it is important to be absolutely confident that internet connectivity at home is not a problem and that you (your student) will be disciplined and diligent in completing the course in the allotted 180 days.

My student is involved in several extra-curricular activities. How can I work driver's education into his/her busy schedule?

During the school year, our classes meet from 5:30-8p. Some busy students can attend, if they come directly from practices/activities. Classes do not meet on Fridays during the school year.  During the summer months, we usually offer multiple classes (morning and afternoon). Students can almost always complete the course in under a month in the summer! A class is offered approximately once a month. You can extend a class into the next month, if needed and there is also a built-in make-up day at the end of each class. The on-line classroom might also be a option if your schedule is particularly busy! 

Our driving instruction hours are very flexible and we offer times 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in working with busy young people!  Talk to us- we can work with you!

How do I get one of those cool Five Star t-shirts?

When you complete the course and successfully pass the driving test, the t-shirt  is yours! We love to see our t-shirts in the schools and out and about in the area- wear yours with pride!

What are the driver education requirements?

The state of Indiana requires 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving. The student may take the driving portion of the BMV test with Five Star if he/she has at least B- grades in both the classroom and driving. Learner's Permits can only be obtained at the BMV, but we can assist you with information regarding getting your permit.

How old does my teen have to be to enroll in a driver education class?

Students must be at least 15 years old before the first day of class in order to enroll in driver's education.

How long do I have to complete my course?

ALL STUDENTS should work diligently to complete Driver's Ed within approximately 180 days. The longer you string out completing the requirements, the harder it seems to get for students to priortize Driver's Ed.

  • ON-LINE CLASSROOM STUDENTS: The AAA online course is timed for 180 days to completion. 

At Five Star, we try to complete our regular classroom in a month. This does include the driving. In the on-line course, you are more in control. 

Why take Driver's Education with Five Star Driver Education Center?

There are several reasons your teenager should take driver's education and Five Star is the best option!

  • Students enrolled in driver's education can get a permit at 15, which provides over a year of driving experience with a parent
  • Students can take the driving test in a car and with an instructor they know. 
  • At Five Star, you will have experienced instructors and flexibility in scheduling.
  • Other considerations include six hours of instructional driving time, no simulators, and an extremely nice car to enjoy your driver education experience!
  • And then, there's that cool t-shirt!

What is the refund policy?

We do not issue refunds, unless it is a special circumstance approved by the owner.  If there is an error, please contact our business manager.

Online Course

Do you have any on-line classes?

We do! We are now affiliated with AAA. They provide the online coursework; we provide the driving. The cost for the online course is still $350. Once you enroll and pay, we will email  your Access Code, BMV paperwork and course information.  (Always check spam if you have not received it in a few days or reach out to us!)


Does Five Star offer driving lessons to adults?

Yes and we have an instructor who specializes in working with adult learners. These lessons can be arranged by calling our office.

Behind the Wheel

How do I get a driver education learner's permit

In order to obtain a learner's permit for driver education, you must first enroll in a class. Three weeks prior to the class, you can contact our office manager to get the CDE (Certificate of Driver Education.) This is what you take to the BMV along with four forms of identification. We suggest that you wait until the first day of class to get this form. We will help you prepare for the written test. As of July 1, 2012, you now need to take the written test at the BMV to obtain a permit.

Students who enroll in our online course will receive the appropriate forms and information once they register and pay.  Waych your email (even spam).

What four forms of identification do I need to bring to the BMV?

You must have the student's original birth certificate, social security card, and two "proof of residency" items. We have an information sheet that we can give you and/or you can visit for more information.


When can the student drive with a parent?

After the student receives his/her driver education learner's permit from the BMV and has attended one driver education class, he/she may drive with a parent.


What do I take to the BMV when I am 16+90 days?

You will only take two pieces of paper to the BMV:  the certificate of completion we gave you at the time of your drive test and your driving log sheet. You've already taken the written test to get a permit and you have done the drive test with us! Congratulations--you're ready to get your license!